Dee Goodnight

My Silent Scream
T.  Chinn -  Parent of a child with Autism
Dee provided an outstanding inside look at how Asperger's combined with OCD and other emotional/mental disorders affect the way a family functions forever. The book gives an in depth descripton of how raising Ross changed Dee's life in many ways. I learned of Dee's struggles and how she found the strength to keep pushing forward searching for some explaination, some relief for the difficult situation she has faced. This book is proof how God gives us strength when we think we can no longer move forward, I found my self in tears and also laughing to myself towards the end when she gives you some examples of Ross's interesting conversations!! He is truely a unique and amazingly smart boy!! This book is a must read for anyone with a loved one on the Autism spectrum or suffering from OCD or ADHD...and even if you are not familiar with these disorders, you should still read this book and learn about them!! Amazing book that I will recommend to everyone! Well done! 
J.  Lee - Parent of a child with Asperger's
After I read the book, I wept for Dee, I wept for myself, and I wept for all the other parents that face something simular.  It is so comforting to know that other parents face the same trials I do and that I am not alone.  The book has given me a different perspective on my daughter's disorders.  It makes me want to be a better parent.