Dee Goodnight

My Silent Scream
Finding Hope and Grace to Endure
In addition to being a mom to her two sons, Dee teaches high school at Tulsa's East Central High School, where she is passionate about educating her students.  Her goal is to instill in each student that they can be successful and she encourages them to find what they inherantly love and turn it into a career.  Dee also sells real estate for Chinowth and Cohen Realtors.

Dee knows that it is only through Christ that she has the strength and ability to be successful at what she does.  She has a compassionate and caring spirit that is a direct result of the adversity she has faced in her life.

​Ross continues to go to school at Town and Country School in Tulsa.  He hopes to graduate and go to college to study aerospace engineering.  He says he will never give up on his dream to "Save the World."  He has a deep desire to contribute to making the world a better place.  Every day is a challenge for him, but he is diligent in his efforts.  He hopes to someday be able to help other children who face the same struggles he faces.